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Mobin Ghateh Asia

Managing Director of Mobin Ghateh Asia , Abolfazl Zarei, born in June 1972, started his business activities at the age of 12 with his education. Since there was no mass production for many cars on the market at that time, and if the metal parts were damaged, parts of the car were mainly demanded and ordered, which would require a great deal of time for the applicant,from foreign countries, many of which The parts were repaired or manufactured manually until they purchased some machinery in 1365 And equipment for mold making and parts manufacturing

In 1998, with the expansion of the automotive industry and attracting powerful automakers into the country, he began to register an industrial company under the title Asia Part in the field of automotive metal parts production and moved the production workshop to its current location, Abbas Abad Industrial City. And for the first time in 2001 officially became one of the suppliers of Grabox Motor and Axel   Megamotor Company

due to his previous experience in the field of construction, Zamyad assigned the company to manufacture and manufacture Nissan's metal tanks. International standards for their organization that are now being implemented and implemented, and to date, these efforts have resulted in the production of more than a dozen automotive and body parts, and working with all domestic automakers. Has been

  • Mobin Gheteh Asia Company, manufacturer of various fuel tank, body and engine parts for heavy and light vehicles is active in two manufacturing complexes measuring around 4000 square meters using a competent management, skilled personnel being equipped with the latest technical knowledge. This company started its activity started its activity with making various mudguards and fuel tank of vehicles in 1968 and transferred its factory site to Abbas Abad industrial park in 1999 for qualitative expansion and enhancement of its products

ISO 9001: 2015 certificate

ISO TS 16949  certificate

Meeting requirements of IATF 16949 Standard for audit

Meeting requirements of Iran nation Standard for audit

B Grade in Sapco

The mission of the organization is manufacture of the parts of the metal sets of vehicle. Mobin Gheteh Asia Company intends not only to update the qualitative level of its products and to attract the satisfaction of its domestic customers through using programs and plans but also wants to make efforts to take firm steps for development of technical and engineering abilities in vehicle industry and in compliance with the latest standards of the world and also through employing the creative and motivated employees and an integrative , learning and updating in the filed of export of its products and presence in the markets of the world. Mobin Ghateh Asia is member of IAPMA  of Iran.  

This company ,following the motto “Quality is a path not a destination!” , continues its activity in the field of vehicle manufacturing.

In Mobin Gheteh Asia Company the following steps are continuously taken in line with materialization of its goals:

1-     Appropriate use of specialized software programs of mechanics for design and manufacture in die-making unit

2-     Implementation of system of troubleshooting and productivity cycle

3-     Doing time-measurement in all productive processes of products for implementation and infrastructures required for industrial accounting

4-     Doing the editing of process for all processes of organization in a periodical basis

5-     Implementation of AWS standard for improvement in welding processes

6-     Using Tadbir software in financial , personnel and storehouse affairs

7-     Using statistical software programs for improvement of qualitative processes


Organization Values:

1- Employee and public safety

2-     Environental responsibility

3-    3- Profitability

4-     Drive & Result

5-     Goal oriented

6-     Market growth

7-     Employee growth

8-     Customer satisfaction

9-     Community involvement

10-  Technology leader

11- 11- Innovation

12-  Learning

13-13-  Integrity


Business Ethics:


2- full Disclosure

3-Regularity compliance

4-Integrity & Honestly

5-Fairness & Suitbaility